Staff Training and Consulting

Training – Pediatric dysphagia


Do you want to take your expertise to the next level?  Then in-person or remote (via video connection) training is for you.  Joan can come to your clinic and teach you or your team how to provide Pediatric feeding or Pediatric dysphagia evaluations and therapy.  After “class room” training, Joan will do live demo’s with “your patients”, and provide you the step by step guidance that is not possible unless it is in real time. Additional training sessions will ensure that you have the skills to provide the best feeding and swallowing evaluations and build your reputation as an expert.

Pediatric dysphagia Staff Training


 Lunchtime Learning


Do you want to learn more about Pediatric dysphagia and Feeding Disorders so that you can better serve your patients?  Joan Comrie, M.S., CCC-SLP is available to provide in-service training on many topics of pediatric dysphagia to physicians, hospitals nurses, LC’s in the convenience of your office.  Please call us to schedule at 727-217-5023.


Parent Meetings


Are you involved with a group that would like to learn more about Pediatric dysphagia or Feeding Disorders?  Joan Comrie, M.S., CCC-SLP is available to provide “Feeding Talks” to groups of parents.  Joan can address many issues that challenge feeding for infants and children as well as parents.  Her professional and personal experience with Feeding and Swallowing Disorders are shared in an easy to follow format that give parents practical tools and ideas to take home and implement right away.  So, Please call us to schedule at 727-217-5023.

We build up predetermined objectives, which match with your financial plan:

1. first of all, Decreasing superfluous expenditures while maintaining or increasing profitStructuring efficient work flow plans
2. Second, Training competent staff
3. Designing treatment facilities
4.Producing software to best account for treatment data
5.Developing an effective marketing plan
6.Help working with insurance coverage
7.Continual monitoring of operations to help further optimize your treatment facility.

Staff Training: We strive to produce top-notch therapists who have high success rates, who can work independently, and who are able to formulate creative protocols customized for each specific child being treated. furthermore We offer staff training not only at your facility, but also at the Feeding Clinic. So, Contact us Today!!