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Feeding or Dysphagia Evaluation

Our Pediatric feeding therapy thoroughly looks at all parts of your newborn child/youngster’s feeding and swallowing abilities. We begin with a long survey that locations therapeutic history and the effect of feeding weight on your youngster and on your family. In our warm home-like condition, we delicately yet thoroughly assess the structure of your youngster’s oral musculature, and also we will watch your tyke’s oral sensory and oral motor capacity amid eating. In addition, We will ensure that the oral motor and sensory frameworks are in place and not meddling with or adding to your youngster’s feeding and swallowing issues. We additionally take a gander at your youngster’s general muscle tone, breath and phonation, ribcage advancement and development, indicators of tongue and lip tie, reflux, hypersensitivity or other GI issues, and behaviors that may relate to Pediatric feeding therapy.

Our assessment can recognize potential issues with your tyke’s feeding and swallowing abilities. The most basic issues are wellbeing, particularly: block or desire (the passageway of nourishment/fluid into the aviation route). These unsafe conditions can bring about hacking and gagging, visit diseases including colds and clog, breathing issues and pneumonia. In the event that these issues are suspected, an oral pharyngeal motility study will be prescribed.


pediatric feeding therapy


Pediatric feeding therapy

Pediatric feeding therapy objectives are recognized and built up in light of our thorough assessments. All treatment is individualized to address the issues of every patient and their family.

A considerable lot of our patients use our STEP program (Systematic Therapeutic Eating Program). Moreover This restrictive program, in light of research and more than 30 years of clinical experience, will instruct your youngster the correct aptitudes to securely eat and swallow a wide assortment of age-suitable, supplement thick sustenances. These abilities prompt a lifetime of sound decisions.

Guardians are urged to take an interest in treatment. Home vestige and practice projects are given. We work intimately with every baby or tyke’s family to guarantee that their objectives are tended to and advance is augmented. Therefore We encourage close associations with our folks and esteem their criticism and information. We realize this essentially adds to our high rate of achievement.